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The City of Beloit Clerk's office is the gateway to open and accessible government. We serve the citizens of Beloit through a variety of services, and we provide a dependable resource for information and services provided by the City of Beloit and various other organizations.

ELECTIONS: Our office organizes and administers all elections, utilizing nine polling places located conveniently throughout the City.

CITY COUNCIL SUPPORT: We provide support to the City Council through the preparation of agendas, e-packets, and minutes; parliamentary procedure; and meeting management.

LICENSING: We also provide support to the Alcohol Beverage License  Control Commission and the Board of Review. We process applications and issue licenses to all establishments where alcohol is temporarily or regularly sold, served, possessed, and/or consumed, as well as to those individuals who work in such establishments. We license tree trimmers, jewelry dealers, secondhand dealers, movie theaters, cigarette sellers, fireworks vendors, sold waste transporters, outdoor vendors, door-to-door salespersons, junkyard operators, mobile home parks, sidewalk cafes, and wireless communication facilities. We also issue boat launch permits for Beloit's public boat launch at Wooten Park.

CODE OF ORDINANCES: Our office maintains the City's Municipal Code of Ordinances and all resolutions, contracts, agreements, and other documents processed through official City actions. We post all committee, commission, and board meeting agendas and file and maintain meeting minutes of the same.

DIRECTORY & INFORMATION: We publish the official City Information Directory annually and update portions of the City's official website daily. We answer the City's switchboard and provide accurate information in person and over the phone. Access the E-Version at the bottom of this page.

OPEN RECORDS REQUESTS: Finally, we facilitate and comply with open records requests, answer website information requests, administer oaths, and apply the official City Seal to documents when appropriate.

Please visit us on the second floor of City Hall or call us at (608) 364-6680 if you have any questions or require additional information about the services outlined above.

Lori Stottler
City Clerk


Election Official Information

Are you interested in becoming an Election Official in the City of Beloit? The City encourages all private citizens to vote and to become involved in the election process. One of the most rewarding ways to be involved is to become an Election Inspector (poll worker) and work on Election Day at one the City's nine polling places. Citizen involvement is essential to conduct open, accurate, and fair elections in Wisconsin.

Click here for more information regarding applying for and becoming an Election Official.


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