Finance and Administrative Services

Mission Statement:   We advocate and provide effective stewardship of City resources for individuals, businesses and agencies by enforcing regulatory compliance and delivering quality administrative services.


The City of Beloit Finance Division prepares the annual operating budget in accordance with Wisconsin State Statues and guidelines established by the National Advisory Council on State and Local Government Budgeting. The City of Beloit Finance Division also prepares the annual capital budget and the 5-year Capital Improvement Plan based on City’s need for infrastructure improvements and capital equipment to serve the community, meet service demands, support of economic development and environmental factors.


The Treasury Division provides exceptional customer service needs to our citizenry, conducts monetary transactions with efficiency, integrity and professionalism in accordance with Federal, State and Local laws/ordinances governing the receipt, handling and depositing of City funds.

Municipal Court
Court is held weekly on Thursdays in the Forum located on the 1st floor of City Hall.

The Assessor Division is responsible for the equitable and efficient administration of the tax base for the City of Beloit.

City Clerk
The office of the City Clerk is ready to serve you with information about elections, voter registration, licensing, our City Council and City Ordinances, City Boards and Committees, the City's website, the Speaker's Bureau, and general information about city programs and services.  Please visit us on the 2nd floor of City Hall or call us at 364-6680.

The Accounting/Purchasing Division is responsible for the recording and processing of city-wide financial and procurement activities, and for other functions including payroll processing, benefit administration, audit preparation and oversight, and policy and software support to internal staff.
Risk Management
The Liability Insurance Fund accounts for claims filed against, and paid by the City under the City’s self-insured program.