Enjoy a listing of all of our major parks within Beloit.


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Big Hill Park
Big Hill Memorial Park was purchased around 1925 at an asking price of $15,000.00 for 100 acres. Purpose of purchasing such a vast quantity of land was to make it an memorial for people who gave their life in World War 1.
Riverside Park
Riverside Park has always seemed to be a place of entertainment for all ages throughout the years. The park and lagoon was created between 1932 and 1939, as a means of employment during the Great Depression. The City of Beloit hired laborers from relief programs such as Civil Works Administration and Wisconsin Emergency Relief Administration to fill in the marsh. The park was created with foundry waste from adjacent industries. The whole park was originally 10-12 acres of reedy and shallow marsh.
Horace White Park
Dr. Horace White was a representative of the New England Emigrating Company that set out to create a settlement. The park was named after him and his son Horace White who was a journalist, economist, and author. The park was actually the first cemetery in the City of Beloit. Horace White was an avid participant in the civil war helping to bring slavery to an end. Each of these gentleman played an important role in this City and this country.
Telfer Park
Telfer Park provides a wide variety of sporting events to the community such as skate boarding, ice skating, and baseball.
Turtle Creek Floodplain
The Turtle Creek Flood Plain has been created by nature and maintained by the City of Beloit.
Leeson Park
Leeson Park offers a variety of leisure activities for the community to enjoy. Located just off of Milwaukee Street nestled in the woods.
Park Rules & Regulations
Rules and regulations are established to provide safe and enjoyable parks. Each park may have some variations to the rules in regards to closing times and other items.

Krueger-Haskell Golf Course
Krueger-Haskell Golf Course was founded in 1927 and has become a wonderful part of the community. The course provides numerous challenging shots with a moderate play level. The course offers a variety of items to enhance your golfing experience such as 18 exquisite holes, a putting green, merchandise shop, and Bucky's Bunker Bar & Grill.
Picnic Shelter Fees & Reservations - (608) 364-2890
The City of Beloit’s Parks and Leisure Services Division offers reservations for picnic shelters May-September. These shelters can be reserved for a nominal fee and a refundable deposit. The facilities offer 8-10 picnic tables and accommodate up to 100 people.