Welty Environmental Center - 3-Day Field Trips: $50,000

The grant funds three-day field trips for all Beloit 5th graders to Big Hill Park.

Welty Environmental Center's youth programming proposal is funding for three-day, extended field trips for all City of Beloit 5th graders (School District of Beloit and The Lincoln Academy), to take place at the Center at Big Hill Park in the 2024-25 and 2025-26 school years and serve about 800 students.

Each day would begin at the home school, students would be bused to Big Hill Park for a 6-hour school day including lunch and snacks, and would then return in time for their usual pick-up. Each building would send their entire 5th grade (50-60 students per visit), which allows for many of that school’s staff to participate in the learning, without disrupting building schedules.