Resources for Subrecipients

The City of Beloit awarded American Rescue Plan Act (ARPA) funds to agencies under the following three (3) funding categories:

1. Homelessness Prevention and Response Services

2. Non-Profit Building and Facilities Improvements

3. Transitional Living Facility 


Important Links and Resources

System for Award Management (

All agencies must have an active registration status in in order to receive federal funding. Subrecipients can obtain a Unique Entity Identifier (UEI) through 

Neighborly Software

Subrecipients can manage their grant award(s), including submitting Quarterly Reports and Draw Requests through Neighborly. 

WI Department of Health Services

All subrecipients are required to submit a Civil Rights Compliance (CRC) letter certifying that they follow federal and state rules that protect against discrimination based on membership in a protected class. A letter template and instructions are available on the WI Department of Health Services website. 


ARPA Final Rule

ARPA funding is subject to all requirements specified in the ARPA Final Rule. The Final Rule was released by the U.S. Department of Treasury on January 6, 2022 and took effect on April 1, 2022. 


City of Beloit Contracting, Purchasing and Disbursements Manual 

Procurement of goods and services must be done in compliance with the agency's adopted Procurement Policy in compliance with 2 CFR Part 200. If the agency does not have their own Procurement Policy which meets all applicable requirements of 2 CFR Part 200, then they must adopt the City of Beloit's Procurement Policy and standards.