Summary of Lot Owner Responsibilities



1. All markers monuments, and their foundations.
2. Installation of cemetery markers within defined time frames.
3. Payment of all fees prior to any service performed by the city.
4. An understanding of the cemetery rules and regulations.
5. Trimming of shrubbery on individual lots of grave spaces.
6.  Maintenance of cemetery markers and monuments according to satisfactory standards.
7. Replacement of monuments, markers, or foundations due to condition.
8. Placement of cemetery decorations within the defined locations at the grave site.
9. Restricting decorations to those approved by the city.
10. Removal of flowers when they wilt and become unsightly.  An exception is funeral flowers.
11. Removal of decorations for the annual spring and fall clean-up.
12. Placement of artificial, cut flower arrangements, and plants in approved containers.
13. Removal of vases and urns which are not planted for three consecutive years.
14. Respect the property of others.

Summary of City Responsibilities

1. Monitoring and enforcement of cemetery rules and regulations.
2. Recording and maintenance of all cemetery records..  The records to include the name(s) of the purchaser(s), date of sale, and amount received for each lot.  The cemetery office will also keep a record of all interments, stating the name, age, and date of death of the person buried.
3. Provision of regular business hours at the cemetery office.
4. Sale of grave lots and spaces.
5. Preparation of all grave sites for interment.
6. General care of the grounds and grave lots.
7. Grass mowing and trimming of the grounds and grave spaces.
8. Maintenance of the cemetery roads and water system.
9.  Leveling and re-seeding of sunken graves and markers.
10. All topdressing, grading, and seeding of grave spaces.
11. Planting of care of common trees and shrubs.
12. Regular inspections of the cemeteries to assure that graves are maintained in good condition.
13. Removal of cemetery decorations which do not conform to the cemetery rules and regulations.
Lot Sales
1. Lot and single grave spaces are sold on a first come, first serve basis.  Payment must be made in full.
2. Lot owners are encouraged to designate the individual grave spaces at the time of purchase.
3. Purchasers of lots or spaces acquire the right and privilege of burial and erection of monuments and grave markers subject to the conditions and rules now in forces, or which may hereafter be enacted by the City of Beloit.
4. The number of graves and interments permitted on lots is determined by the lot size.  Lots may be purchased in increments of 4, 6, 8, or 10 grave spaces.  Dimensions of each individual space are 4' x 10'.
5. There are lots for sale that are designated of single grave spaces through-out the cemetery.

6. Ownership of the cemetery lot shall descend to the owner's heirs; but any-one or more such heirs may convey to any other heir his or her interest in the cemetery lot. (Wisconsin Statute 157.10)

Resale of Lots


1. In all cases where a lot, or any part thereof, is transferred from one owner to another, a properly executed deed must be presented to the Cemetery Office for record before an interment can be made by the owner.

2. Deed transfer is typically facilitated by a quitclaim deed.  the deed is given by the owner of record to a subsequent purchaser.  A quitclaim deed does not guarantee clear title to the property.  The deed transfers the grantors interest in the property, whatever that may be.  It is up to the buyer to determine whether anyone else may have an interest in the property.  Buyers are encouraged to get the original deed from the grantor when purchasing the property.

3. A grave transfer fee is due an payable upon recording at the Cemetery Office.  This fee includes recording the property transfer.  In the instance of an estate, a properly executed "affidavit for transfer of property" shall cause the transfer and recording with no fee imposed.

4. Before selling, check with Cemetery Office to see if perpetual care is due. 

Perpetual Care 

1. Perpetual care is included within the purchase of all cemetery lots since 1959.

2. If pre-1959 lot sales did not include a perpetual care fee, owners must satisfy that obligation, at the current rate, prior to any interment or marker/monument work.  When transferring a deed, all parties must be aware of any perpetual care obligation.  If a pre-1959 lot sale did include a perpetual care fee the owner must provide documentation.

3. Perpetual care services performed by the city include grass mowing and trimming, road maintenance, and leveling and re-seeding of sunken graves and markers.

4. Perpetual care does not include repair or replacement of markers, monuments, and foundations; and shrubbery pruning on individual lots or grave spaces.

5. The City Treasurer serves as ex-officio commissioner of the perpetual care trust funds. 


1. To open a grave, the person ordering the same must contact the Cemetery Office with the request.

2. Twenty-four business hours notice to the Cemetery Office is required to prepare for a burial during the spring, summer, and fall seasons.  For example, a Monday burial at 10:00 AM would require notice by 10:00 AM the previous Friday.

3. Winter burials require at least 48 BUSINESS hours notification.  HOWEVER, if a funeral is ordered within the required 48 business hours and preparation for the funeral must take place after normal work hours, on the weekend or during a City observed holiday, appropriate charges will apply.

4. No interments shall be allowed until the space, perpetual care, and opening/closing costs have been paid.  All graves will be prepared by the employees of the cemetery.

5. No person, excepting someone acting under direction of the City, shall dig any grave or in any cemetery within the city.

6. When the location of a grave has been decided upon, any change shall be subject to an additional charge which must be paid on demand.

7. Funeral homes must be licensed by the state of origin and provide final disposition or out of state burial transit permits.

8. Size of the grave shall be at least five feet deep for an adult and four feet deep for a child.

9. No human remains may be buried in a cemetery lot except the human remains of one having interest in the cemetery lot, or a relative, except by consent of all persons having an interest in the cemetery lot (Wisconsin Statutes 157.11).

10. All interments in lots shall be restricted to persons designated by the lot owner.  If an order is presented for the interment of a person not a member of the immediate family, written authorization from the lot owner must be filed with the Cemetery Office.

11. Interment of two bodies in one grave will not be allowed except in case of mother and infant, twin infants (up to 6 months), instance of three cremains or two cremains and one conventional burial is allowed. A second burial fee in same space fee will apply. An additional grave space fee will apply in cases of the third interment within the same grave space.  Only one marker per grave space is allowed.

12. Burial receptacles in Babyland must not exceed eighteen inches by three feet.  Babyland is located in Section 10 of Eastlawn Cemetery.

13. All grave markers must be level with the ground. 


1. No removal of a body from the cemeteries shall be made except by written approval of the City, and presentation of a legal permit.

2. The City is not responsible for any damages to the vault as a result of disinterment.  A disclaimer must be signed in advance by the lot owner. 


1. All burials, except cremains or infant burials must be in a steel or concrete vault.

2. Skilled vault operators must be provided and paid by the lot owner for the handling and sealing of the vault.

3. Handling and sealing of the vault must be performed under the supervision of a licensed funeral home.

4. Cremains must be placed in a non-biodegradable container; however, no vault is required. 

Decorating Gravesites 

1. No plants, including annual flowers, perennials, shrubs, and tress can be planted in the ground.

2. No digging or fertilization of the grave spaces.

3. The following decorations are not permitted: toys, mementos, figurines, lighting, border edging, fencing, benches, rocks, gravel, bricks, and mulch.

4. Trees and shrubs are prohibited within the grave spaces.

5. All shepherds hooks must be placed as close as possible to the left or right side of the marker.  the basket must hang over the marker.

6. No standing easels, except for holiday wreaths, are allowed.

7. No decorations can infringe upon the adjacent grave space(s).

8. Urns and vases must be placed next to either side of the cemetery marker and within the protected marker row.

9. Artificial flowers should be in good taste and of a construction which will not deteriorate in the elements.

10. No artificial flower decorations can be anchored to the ground.

11. Fresh cut flowers should be removed by lot owners when they wilt and become unsightly.  All funeral flowers left at the grave will be removed by cemetery staff after they deteriorate.

12. Fresh flower arrangements and artificial flowers must be put in durable containers.  Glass, china, and all fragile vases are not permitted.

13. Styrofoam constructed decorations and vases are prohibited.

14. Plants that reach 6-8 inches in height are recommended.

15. Annual flowers and perennials must be planted in urns or vases constructed of granite, dark marble, cement, cast iron, or durable plastic.

16. All urns and vases must be kept in good condition.  Iron vases must be properly painted.  Broken or unpainted vases will be removed by the City.

17. Vases or urns that are not planted for three consecutive years will be removed and disposed of by the City.

18. Prohibited plants included rose bushes, Irises, Lilies of the Valley, and perennials that require exceptional care.

19. Grave blankets are prohibited.

20. The City is not responsible for the damage or theft of anything placed on the grave site.

21. Waste receptacles are provided for the deposition of waste, litter, weeds, decayed flowers, and plants.

22. All unauthorized decorations will be removed and discarded without notice.  The City is not responsible for these items.

23. The City has the right to remove or trim any tree or shrub situated on any lot which becomes, by means of its roots, branches, condition or in any other respect, detrimental to the adjacent lots, roads, or general appearance of the grounds.  Trees or shrubs may also be removed or trimmed which restrict access to grave sites for burial purposes.  The City shall not be held accountable for removal or trimming.

24. The City has the right to remove any plants planted in the ground or landscape decorations which do not conform to the cemetery rules and regulations.

25. The City is NOT responsible for reimbursement for any plants or decorations removed by cemetery staff or damage by the maintenance crews.

Monuments and Markers

1. Lot owners are encouraged to contact the Cemetery Office regarding procedures prior to ordering or setting of any marker or monument.

2. All gravesites require a cemetery marker within one year of burial.

3. For reasons of uniformity, only those markers and monuments authorized by the city shall be permanently placed on any gravesite.

4. Markers may be installed by the City or an approved private contractor.  Monuments are only installed by private contractors.

5. All private contractors performing marker and monument work within the cemeteries must be pre-approved by the City.

6. All fees must be paid in advance for marker setting by the City.

7. Installation of markers by private contractors requires a written permit and payment of recording fee prior to placement of the marker.

8. The City will attempt to install markers within one month of delivery and fee payment, depending upon the workload and cemetery conditions.  Requests will not be honored for any period less than one month.  The City assumes no obligation for installation schedules by private contractors.

9. Marker and monument installation may be performed during the period of May through October.

10. Only one marker is allowed at each grave.

11. No single marker shall be more than 24" or less than 8" in width, and must be of one-piece construction.

12. Single markers for future interments may be installed.

13. Double markers are permitted within the Oakwood Cemetery, Section 11 only of the Eastlawn Cemetery.

14. Double bases are allowed only on a case by case basis; i.e., both graves occupied and/or no monument on the lot.

15. No triple markers allowed.

16. Tablets are not allowed in the Eastlawn Cemetery.  Tablets are allowed in the Oakwood Cemetery.  Tables must not be less than six inches thick and not larger than three feet five inches wide, by eight feet long, and must be placed directly over the grave.

17. Marker bases are made of concrete and are a minimum of 2" wider than the marker on all sides and 3-4" thick.

18. Marble monuments, markers or slabs are not allowed in the Eastlawn Cemetery, excepting Veteran's markers furnished by the government.

19. No monument or marker, and no portion of any vault or tomb which is above ground level, shall be constructed of limestone, or any artificial material.

20. Markers at the Eastlawn Cemetery must not exceed 6 inches in height.  New markers ordered for any Eastlawn Cemetery lot must be a duplicate of other markers on the side of the lot on which they are placed; providing other markers on the lot comply with the height rule.

21. All markers on the lot should be in a straight line, and parallel to the boundary line of the lot.

22. Any stone more than twelve inches thick will be considered a monument.

23. A minimum of 4 lots are required for a monument.

24. All monuments at the Eastlawn Cemetery must be set in the center of each lot.

25. No monument shall be higher than five feet above ground level and in no case shall the foundation of the monument be constructed closer than six inches from the lot line.

26. Monuments are constructed of two pieces of granite a "Base" and a "Die".  The base has a minimum requirement of 24" x 12" x 6" (L x W x H).  the die or top shall not be over 5' in height and shall not exceed the length or width of the base.  No vertical joints are allowed in the monuments.

27. Monument foundations must be at least as large as the bottom base, or first masonry course above the ground.  The City reserves the right to require a large foundation when the weight of the structure demands it.  In Eastlawn Cemetery, the foundations of all monuments must extend six inches, markers and urns four inches on all four sides, beyond the base or sub-base. Cement foundation or pylon style supports to extend down a minimum of 36 inches 48 inches where weight of monument dictates. The first course of masonry above the foundation of all monuments and all other bases, must be bedded off to an equal thickness with cement mortar of proper proportions and mixture.  No building up or underpinning of chips, spals, cement or other materials will be allowed.  The City shall have the right to prevent the delivery, erection, or setting of any marker or monument whenever weather and ground conditions could impair the results or damage the grounds.

28. The city may prevent the erection or installation of any structure, or to remove any structure, which is deemed detrimental to the general appearance or safety of the cemeteries.

Rules Governing Veterans' Graves

A veteran (no spouses or family members) may be interred in one of the sections set aside for veteran burials in Oakwood and Eastlawn Cemeteries if the veteran has an honorable discharge from one of the Armed Services of the United States, and if any one of the following conditions are met:

1. The veteran was a member in good standing of one of the veteran's organizations within the community.

2. The veteran was a resident of the Beloit community at the time of his or her entrance into service.

3. The veteran was a resident of the Beloit community at the time of his or her death and had been so for at least sixty (60) days.

4. The veteran had been a resident of the Beloit community for a minimum of five years (5) between the time of entrance into service and death.

5. A veteran not meeting any of the above four conditions may be interred in one of the veteran's sections only with the prior approval of cemetery management.

6. For the purpose of these rules, the Beloit community is defined as that area lying within the City of Beloit, Town of Beloit, Town of Turtle in Wisconsin and the City of South Beloit, Illinois.

7. Organization having charge of the Veteran's section where interment is to be made.

8. All grave markers shall be identical within the Veteran's section.

9. Bronze markers may be used in sections other than section 11 if installed on top of a granite marker (flat in the Veteran's section and slant or flat in all other sections.)

Note: If the eligible veteran family chooses a bronze marker instead of granite, they must purchase a granite blank to be mounted under the bronze.  This is a requirement of all sections except Section 11.

Bronze Memorial Section of Eastlawn Cemetery Section 11

1. Section 11 in Eastlawn Cemetery has been designated as the Bronze Memorial Section.  Only bronze markers are allowed in this section.  All other sections may use granite markers with the bronze marker on top of the granite.

2. The marking of each lot, grave, or graves, is restricted and limited to a flat bronze marker, the top of which is to be set flush with the turf and of such dimensions, materials, design, finish, and construction, as designated by the cemetery management.

3. To preserve uniform beauty, all bronze markers must meet the following specifications: each casting must be true, free from any defect or minor defect visible from a distance of four feet.  Exposed surface must be smooth, no sand-like roughness will be permitted.

4. Letters, numerals, orientations and insignias must be hand-chased, finely buffed and highlighted.  Background must be sculptured texture in medium dark statuary bronze color, through the formations of cuprous oxide and cupric oxide on the background surface.  Sulphide, painted or pigmented lacquer finishes are not permitted.

5. Each marker to have bosses on back, the bosses shall be drilled and tapped to receive three-eighths inch diameter anchor lugs of brass or bronze from four to six inches in length.  These anchor lugs need to  be supplied to the cemetery with the marker.

6. The grave space owner or authorized person acting on behalf of the owner must secure written approval of design, size, lettering style from the Cemetery Office.

7. Bronze alloys used in the markers shall consist of not less than 87% copper, not less than 5% tin, not more than 2-1/2% lead, and not more than 5% zinc.  Other elements not to total more than 1%.

8. Veterans' markers furnished by the State or Federal governments do not come under these standards.

9. The Bronze Section to use only bronze vases, and to be contained in their own receptacle when not in use, the base of which shall be a concrete foundation.

10. Lot owners are encouraged to turn down the vases during fall clean-up to prevent winter season damage.

Cemetery Clean-up

1. Spring clean-up by cemetery patrons is scheduled for April 1-15.  Cemetery staff will remove any remaining decorations after April 15.  New decorations may be placed after May 1st.

2. Fall clean-up by cemetery patrons is scheduled for October 1-15.  Cemetery staff will remove any remaining decorations after October 15.  New decorations may be placed after November 1st.

3. The City is not responsible for any disposed decorations.

Cemetery Rates

1. Cemetery rates are defined on an annual basis by the City Council of Beloit.

2. Rates include grave spaces, interments, marker setting, winter burial surcharge, and overtime for burials.

3. No service will be performed by the City until all fees are paid.

4. Payment for grave site opening must be received a minimum of 24 business-day hours prior to burial.

5. Perpetual care is included within the purchase of all lots since 1959.  Percentage of the lot fee earmarked for perpetual care is defined on an annual basis by the City Council of Beloit.  The lot owners are responsible for perpetual care fees for lots purchased prior to 1959.

6. Overtime fees will apply for burials after business hours on weekdays, Monday-Friday.  A deposit is required in advance for burials scheduled after 2:45 p.m. on weekdays.  Overtime fees are included within the interment fee for weekend/holiday burials; however, later arriving burials or grave side services exceeding 1.5 hours from the time of scheduled services will be subject to overtime fees.

7. Winter season surcharge fees will apply for winter burials, November 15 - April 15 or at the discretion of the cemetery staff.  The surcharge fee is due to additional work necessary during the winter season to prepare the grave site for burial.

8. An additional grave space fee will apply where two interments are permitted within one grave space.

Extra Services

1. Arrangements for special care, requiring extra work, must be made with the Cemetery Office.  Lot owners should not request cemetery workers to perform special or extra work, or offer to pay those workers for such work.

2. Any work ordered must be paid for in advance.  All work and improvements on the cemetery grounds are subject to the discretion of the cemetery management.

Pre-Need Planning

Families are encouraged to make arrangements in advance of the time of need for cemetery services.  Pre-need planning benefits both you and your loved ones.

1. Peace of mind - It is a comfortable feeling knowing that your wishes will be met and your family will not have to make difficult decisions at a difficult time.

2. Economy - By planning for the future, you also control cost by preventing emotional overspending resulting from sentiment and uncertainty as well as purchasing at today's lower prices.

If you are interested in reviewing our pre-need options or have an immediate need, please contact the Cemetery Office for an appointment at 2200 Milwaukee Road, Beloit, Wisconsin 53511.  Telephone (608) 364-2857 or FAX (608) 364-2863.

General Rules

1. Workmen and all persons, whether employees or visitors, are expected to act with such decorum and respect as the occasion and premises demand.

2. During the progress of burial services all work in the immediate vicinity shall cease and quiet shall prevail.

3. No person shall injure or destroy trees, shrubs, or plants (See City Ordinance 18.02(3)).  Writing on or defacing monuments and structures is permitted and punishable by law.

4. The throwing of waste and litter is prohibited.  Receptacles are provided for the deposit of weeds, decayed flowers and plants.  (See City Ordinance 18.02(9) & 11-14).

5. No person shall drive any motor vehicle upon the grass, or park same at any other place except upon established roadways, unless authorized to do so by an employee of the City.  (See City Ordinance 18.02(2)).

6. Hunting, discharging firearms, including air rifle, (except in observance of funeral rites) is prohibited.

7. Erecting booths or stalls, selling, peddling, soliciting, or advertising, and the distribution or placing of any advertisement is prohibited.

8. All vehicles, their drivers and passengers, and all other persons, while within the grounds, shall be subject to the direction of the cemetery management.

9. Cemetery grounds are open for visitation from dawn to dusk.

10. Speed limit on all cemetery roads is 15 mph.

11. All pets must be on a leash no longer than 6' in length and under control of the owner.  Pet owners are required to curb their pet and dispose of waste in the waste receptacles.

12. Recreational walking, running, and bicycling are allowed on paved surfaces only.

13. Alcoholic beverages are not allowed in the cemeteries. (Ord. 15.06(2))

14. The City will not be responsible for the loss or damage of any article or object left in any part of either cemetery.

Contractor Procedures

1. All contractors performing work within the cemeteries must carry liability insurance at levels determined by the City.  Certificates of insurance must be on file with the Cemetery Office.

2. Contractors and others having work to do in the cemeteries must advise cemetery management prior to commencing work.

3. Materials for any work shall not be sent to either cemetery unless accompanied by someone in authority who has knowledge of its use and destination.

4. Persons engaged in placing vaults, monuments or other structures in either cemetery are prohibited from attaching ropes to monuments, trees, shrubs, or other objects, without consent of cemetery management.

5. Cemetery management is given the legal right to prevent the erection of any structure or to remove any structure which he shall deem injurious to the general appearances of the cemetery or the adjoining lots.

6. All contractors performing monument and marker work within the cemeteries must pre-approved by the City.

7. Moving cemetery monuments or any heavy material over any path, lot or part thereof, shall only be done with the consent of cemetery management.  The ground and turf must always be protected by a heavy plank.

8. The obstruction of drives and paths during construction, or when material is being delivered must be avoided whenever possible.

9. Contractors must remove all trash and excess materials immediately after completing marker and monument work.  The lot and surroundings must be restored to their original condition by or at the expense of the person, firm or corporation having the work done.

10. Employees of contractors are expected to act with such decorum and respect as the occasion and premises demand.  During the progress of burial services all work in the immediate vicinity shall cease and quiet shall prevail.

11. Contractors shall be responsible for all damages to the cemetery facilities including markers, monuments, roads, trees, shrubbery, and flowers.

Modifications and Amendments


1. The City may, and it hereby expressly reserves the right, at any time or times, with or without notice to owners, to adopt new rules and regulations, or to amend, alter and/or repeal any rule, regulation and/or article, section, or paragraph and/or sentence in these Rules and Regulations.

2. Special cases may arise in which the literal enforcement of a rule may impose unnecessary hardship.  The Cemetery, therefore, reserves the right, without notice, to make exceptions or modifications in any of the Rules and Regulations when in its judgement, the same appear advisable; and such temporary exceptions or modifications shall in no way be construed as affecting the general application of such.

3. Any and all questions regarding the interpretation of these Rules and Regulations should be addressed with the appropriate cemetery staff at the Cemetery Office, located at 2200 Milwaukee Road in Beloit, or call 608-364-2867.

4. The number of graves and interments permitted on lots is determined by the lot size.  Lots may be purchased in increments of 4, 6, 8, or 10 grave spaces.  Dimensions of each individual space are 4' x 10'.