City of Beloit Launches Neighborhood Association Initiative

The City of Beloit is excited to announce an open invitation to all residents to create a neighborhood association. This initiative aims to foster a stronger sense of community, enhance neighborhood safety, and improve the quality of life for everyone in our city.

Why a Neighborhood Association?

Neighborhood associations are vital to creating vibrant, engaged, and resilient communities. They serve as a platform for residents to:

  •         Shape your neighborhood: Have an idea in mind about how to make your block or neighborhood better? This is a great forum to do so.
  •         Voice concerns and ideas while staying informed: Share your thoughts on local issues and contribute to meaningful change. Keep up to speed about what is happening in the neighborhood and city as a whole.
  •         Promote safety and well-being: Collaborate with local law enforcement and city officials to address safety concerns.
  •         Enhance community engagement: Plan and participate in events that bring neighbors together and celebrate our diverse community.

Get Started

Beloit City Manager Jerry Gabrielatos will help you launch your neighborhood association, reach out to residents, and connect you with available city resources.

"Neighborhood associations empower residents to take an active role in improving their community,” said Gabrielatos. “When neighbors come together, we can create a safer, more connected, and more vibrant Beloit."

To get started, download your neighborhood association guide at, call 608-364-6614 or email to get started.