Beloit Transit Joins Growing List of Wisconsin Transit Agencies Using WisGo

Beloit Transit has become the third public transit agency in Wisconsin to simplify daily travel journeys by onboarding WisGo, an account-based fare payment system powered by Umo Mobility (a division of the Cubic Corporation.) WisGo offers riders a unified way to pay fare, plan a trip and track transportation options. The Milwaukee County Transit System branded and launched WisGo. Waukesha Metro was the second to join WisGo.  More transit agencies across the state are interested in joining.


“Milwaukee County is leading the way through enhancing our regional public transit network and making it easier to ride the bus,” said Milwaukee County Executive David Crowley.“I commend Beloit Transit for taking this step to provide riders an easier way to plan, track and pay for public transit – making regional mobility more convenient and accessible. This partnership will increase ridership growth, boost economic growth and promote affordable public transportation across Southeastern Wisconsin.”


Don Driscoll, operations manager at Beloit Transit, said, “We’re excited to offer a modern system to all riders, who previously could only pay for a bus ride with cash and paper tickets or tokens. Our customers will experience a better way to ride. Now, in addition to convenient features, a mobile app, and new ways to pay, riders can enjoy a smoother transfer between cities with WisGo.”


Milwaukee County Transit System President and Managing Director Denise Wandke said, “People have many options to get to their destinations today: bus, streetcar, rideshare, scooter, bike, train. WisGo modernizes travel by putting all these mobility options into one easy travel planning place. It’s called mobility-as-a-service and it’s giving everyone another reason to try public transit the next time they plan a trip.”


The WisGo fare payment system is operated through Cubic, and includes the Umo mobile app. Brandy Bailey, Head of Programs, Umo at Cubic, says, “We are proud to be part of the evolution of regional mobility in Wisconsin.”


Beloit Transit Transition Timeline 


Beloit Transit will launch WisGo in spring 2024. Riders will have multiple ways to pay including the Umo mobile app which takes credit cards and debit cards along with Apple Pay and Google Pay, or via WisGo cards. Riders simply scan their mobile phone screen or WisGo card and the validator will automatically deduct the correct fare amount for each rider. It will also tell riders if their fund balance is low.  


Once the system is in place, riders will still have the option to pay with cash, but they will not receive the benefits of the app, including trip planning and recording, bus history usage, and the ease of paying their fares.