City of Beloit to Begin Street Resurfacing in September (UPDATED)

The City of Beloit’s 2023 Street Resurfacing is expected to begin in September. Miles of city streets will be resurfaced under the contract, which was approved by the Beloit City Council on Monday, July 17, 2023. Roads that will be improved include:

West Side:

  • Knollview Drive
  • Laurel Drive from Linway Drive to Masters Street
  • Lenox Avenue from Division Street to Townline Avenue
  • Mary Street from Liberty Avenue to Merrill Street
  • Merrill Street from Bittle Street to Division Street
  • North Street from McKinley Avenue to Garfield Avenue
  • Oak Street from Middle Street to Liberty Avenue
  • Portland Avenue from McKinley Avenue to Hackett Street
  • Ridgeland Avenue
  • Ritsher Street from Portland Avenue to Merrill Street
  • Townline Avenue from Burton Avenue to Whipple Street
  • Trush Court
  • Division Street from Euclid Avenue to Fairfax Avenue
  • Division Street from Mildred Street to Liberty Avenue
  • Forest Avenue from Townline Avenue to Frederick Street
  • Cleveland Street from Highland Avenue to Kenwood Avenue


East Side

  • Mason Road from Prairie Avenue to Skyline Drive
  • Moccasin Trail from Shopiere Road to Bootmaker Drive
  • Newfield Drive
  • Jean Ellen Drive
  • Glen Avenue from Bayliss Avenue to Henry Avenue
  • Spruce Street from Bayliss Avenue to Henry Avenue
  • Summit Avenue from Dewey Avenue to Fayette Avenue
  • Manchester Street from Dearborn Street to Stateline Road
  • Wood Drive from Carolyn Drive to Post Road
  • Carolyn Drive from Wood Drive to Butlin Drive
  • Butlin Drive from Carolyn Drive to Post Road
  • Fuller Drive from Cranston Road to Fuller Parkway
  • Booker Street from Athletic Avenue to Broad Street
  • Chapin Street from Church Street to Park Avenue
  • Field Crest Court
  • Bee Lane from South Lathers Road to Finn Road


The City of Beloit will share more information on project timing and any potential impacts to residents closer to the start of the project.