2024 Citywide Revaluation Process Is Underway

The City of Beloit Assessor’s Office is conducting a revaluation of all properties for assessment year 2024. This process is done to ensure assessed property values are based on current market conditions so that taxes are assessed in a fair and equitable process.

Property owners will receive their updated 2024 Notice of Assessment before the open book period. The open book period to review assessments with the Assessor’s Office is June 24-July 19, 2024. If a property owner is in disagreement with the property's value and would like to discuss the assessment, call 608-368-7584 to schedule an appointment to meet with staff during the open book period.

The Board of Review will begin at 10am August 19, 2024.

The last revaluation was completed in 2022. Since then, the estimated assessment level is about 80% of full market value. State law requires cities to assess properties to be within 10% of full market value at least once in a five-year period.  More frequent revaluations will avoid large increases in assessments that occur when revaluations are conducted less frequently. 

Revaluation ensures so that all property owners pay their fair share based on the market value of their property. The total amount of property taxes levied by a city is completely independent of the overall assessment.

Learn more at www.beloitwi.gov/revaluation.