Family Services; Transitional Living Facility - $2 Million

Family Services of Southern WI and Northern IL
Transitional Living Facility, 825 Liberty Ave., Beloit


While the physical complex of an 18-unit apartment structure with social services and childcare attached will be the most tangible aspect of project, the goals of the project are its most significant component: empowering two generations for success.

This will be accomplished by

a.) helping to improve the levels of self-sufficiency of resource-limited parents with young children,

b.) reduce the levels of toxic adverse childhood experiences, and

c.) increase the level of early childhood cognitive development.

Because housing security is critical for the well-being of young families and is extremely important for healthy childhood emotional, psychological, and cognitive development, Family Services intends to build and staff an 18-unit transitional living facility that will provide stable housing for participants and thus contribute to an increase in the likelihood that participating families will meet the above goals. Stable housing is necessary but is not sufficient to improve the prospects of the families.

The project will also provide individualized services to the participants as well offer access to an on-site childcare facility for serving both project participants and neighborhood families. By providing childcare and housing together, Family Services will be able provide benefits to families with young children as the parents work to position themselves to be able to secure and maintain stable housing.