How can I determine what impact this revaluation will have on my property taxes?

The exact amount of your property tax bill will not be known until December 2024. This will be based upon the tax levies established by the City as well as the other taxing jurisdictions (School Districts of Beloit, Clinton, or Turner, Blackhawk Technical College, and Rock County).


The final tax rate for 2024 will not be determined until December of this year. However, you can compare your 2023 tax bill to an ESTIMATE of your taxes using the new Assessed Values and the adjusted (equalized) 2023 tax rate by simply plugging in the appropriate school district (SD) Rate information in the formula below:


2024 Assessed Value (from Notice of Assessment) X SD Rate (below chart) = Gross Estimated Property Tax Before Credits (compared to 2023 tax bill)



If you qualified for both the 1st Dollar Credit and Lottery Credit subtract the credit from the Gross Estimated Tax Before Credits above for an estimate of the Net Tax.  If you qualified for only the 1st Dollar Credit subtract the credit from your Gross Estimated Tax Before Credits. Remember, this is only an ESTIMATE based on last year's taxes as budget hearings do not begin until fall. If you need further assistance, please call 608-368-7584.


See chart below to find your appropriate school district and credits:

School District  SD Rate  1st Dollar & Lottery Credit  1st Dollar Credit Only
Beloit 0.01605751 $168 $36
Clinton 0.02387434 $461 $98
Turner 0.01931578 $290 $61