To make public sidewalks safe for pedestrians, the owner or occupant of property immediately adjacent to a public sidewalk is responsible for the removal of any snow or ice that accumulates on the sidewalk. Residents are required to clear snow from their sidewalk.


11.22 (1): Removal of snow and ice from sidewalks: (a) A period of 48 hours following the end of a snow storm or sleet storm shall be given to the owners/residents of abutting property to remove snow or ice from the sidewalks.  After such period elapses, the city may remove snow and ice, and the expense will be charged to the abutting property. 

In the event that removal of ice is impossible, the property owner or occupant is required to use sand, salt or other suitable substance to prevent the ice from being dangerous.

You are as responsible for clearing ice on your sidewalk as clearing snow.

Ice can be more dangerous and intimidating than snow.

  • The sooner and more completely you shovel, the less likely ice will form.

  • Make arrangements for someone to take over while you are on vacation.

  • If the sidewalk has not been cleared by the required time, the property owner may be issued a citation with a fine.


Be a Good Neighbor

The City would like to encourage everyone to be a good neighbor. Think about neighbors and friends who do not have the ability to shovel snow from public sidewalks, their walkways and driveways. Let neighbors know ahead of time if you are willing to help. Check with these neighbors after a storm to be sure they are okay and ask if they need assistance.

Clear Your Sidewalk and Walkway

Be a good neighbor and shovel your walk. Make your sidewalk easy to navigate for the elderly, disabled, or parents with strollers. It is your responsibility as the property owner, to clear of any snow or ice that accumulates on the sidewalk that is immediately adjacent to your property. You are required to clear snow from the sidewalk. And remember, snow plows might create a blockage even after your drive has been cleaned.