Alternate Parking Lots


map of parking lots available for snow emergencies can be found in the city's document center.


Location & Designated Areas

Lots are marked with signage to help determine the parking areas.
Location Address Parking Areas
Krueger Park Upper Hackett/House Streets East Lot
Krueger-Haskell Golf Course 1611 Hackett St. South Lot
Wootton Park 4th Street & Maple Avenue Entire Lot
Rotary Center/Riverside Park 1220 Riverside Drive Between designated signs
Jones Shelter/Riverside Park Portland Avenue entrance Entire Lot
Heritage View Parking Lot 627 Pleasant St. Between designated signs
Third Street Parking Lot South Lot West side of lot along 4th Street
Third Street Parking Lot North Lot North end between designated signs
Ironworks Parking Lot Fourth Street Center area between designated signs
W. Grand Avenue Parking Lot 229 W. Grand Ave. Center area between designated signs
Telfer Park 2100 Cranston Road South East area between designated signs