Everyone has the Right to Fair Housing

Fair Housing

Request for Proposals for Fair Housing Education, Training and Testing Services - Due April 5, 2024 

The City of Beloit Equal Opportunities Commission (EOC) is seeking proposals from Qualified Fair Housing Organizations (QFHOs) for Fair Housing training, education and testing services. The full Request for Proposals as well as the City's current Analysis of Impediments to Fair Housing can be found here: 

Fair Housing Training 

Metro Milwaukee Fair Housing Council will be offering a free training targeted towards elected and appointed officials to provide an overview and foundational understanding of Fair Housing. The training will be held as a virtual workshop, and the link to access the meeting is included below. 

Fair Housing Training 
April 3, 2024 at 5:30pm CST
Fair Housing means equal opportunity housing.

Illegal discrimination is when you are treated differently than another similarly situated person because you belong to a protected class.
Fair housing laws protect you from discrimination by lenders (home loans), landlords, real estate agents/agencies, rental managers/condo associations, and other people or agencies that can limit your housing options; however, these laws do not require a landlord to rent to people in protected classes if there is a legitimate reason to deny their application. This may include poor reference, poor credit, a record of eviction, or inadequate income.

Discrimination is still a problem and you may not recognize all forms of illegal discrimination. 

Some Examples of illegal discrimination may include:

-Refusing to rent or sell a home to members of a protected class

-Denying that housing is available to member of a protected class

-Setting different terms, conditions or privileges for sale or rental of a dwelling

-Any other kind of harassment or discrimination based upon your protected class

-A landlord who only rents to "little old ladies"

-A landlord who refuses to rent to families with children

-A landlord who sets different lease terms or provides different housing privileges according to your status as a member of a protected class

What Housing is Covered?

In the City of Beloit, all housing is covered under fair housing laws, except if you are renting a room in an owner-occupied building.  Housing which meets the HUD definitions for elderly persons or persons with disabilities is also excepted. There are different exceptions for Wisconsin and Federal Fair Housing laws. 



How to report a claim:

You may file a claim with the City, State, or Federal government. Below is contact information for each. 


Equal Opportunity Commission (EOC)

- Address:   Megan McBride
                   100 State Street
                   Beloit, WI 53511

- Phone:     (608)364-6738

- Email:       mcbridem@beloitwi.gov

 City of Beloit Fair Housing Complaint Form can be found on the bottom of the page and is available in both English and Spanish. 


Department of Workforce Development (DWD): 
Equal Rights Division

- Phone:   (608) 266-6860

- TTY:       (608) 264-8752

- Online:    File a Complaint Online


Department of Housing & Urban Development (HUD)

- Phone:   (312) 913-8453

- TTY:       (312) 353-7143

- Online:    File a Complaint Online

More information on Fair Housing and Frequently Asked Questions for Residents can be found at the bottom of the page.


What Happens if You File a Complaint in Beloit:

After filing a complaint with the City of Beloit, the following steps will be taken:
  • Investigation: The City assigns the complaint to a third-party investigator
  • Determination: The investigator determines whether there is a cause to believe there was a violation of the Fair Housing Laws
  • Conciliation: A facilitator helps both parties reach an agreement to remedy the complaint
  • Mediation: If conciliation is unsuccessful, a professional mediator meets with each party and decides a remedy to the complaint
  • Hearing: The Equal Opportunities Commission (EOC) will hear cases that are appealed or not resolved
  • Appeal: Either party may appeal the EOC decision with the Circuit Court


Information for Real Estate and Rental Professionals

Information for Real Estate and Rental Professionals can be found at the bottom of the page.


Equal Opportunity Commission

For more information about the Equal Opportunity Commission, visit the commission's page.  This will provide you with information about the EOC as well as information about meetings, agendas, minutes, and documents.


Learn more about how to join the EOC or other city boards and commissions.