Hilltopp Community Center - $200,000

Location: 1851 Moore St., Beloit

The funding opportunity proposed for this project would provide the immediate resources to significantly rehabilitate and repair the interior, exterior, and athletic fields, ensuring the immediate renewal, transformation, and availability of all the facilities to the Beloit community.

This historical building built in 1960 was home to the Boys and Girls Club for over 60 years. In 2021 three Beloit natives purchased the building and founded the non-profit organization Hilltopp Community Center. This historic building is witness to the aesthetic, tradition, and cultural history of Beloit. Generations of people from Beloit shaped their development with the programs and services within the walls of this building.

The purpose of the rehabilitation project is to preserve a historic building to be sustainable that will stand the test of time and live beyond us for future generations to enjoy.

Funding of the project proposed would provide the resources to create an accessible safe space, well-maintained gyms, classrooms, playing fields, multi-use indoor and outdoor spaces for young people encouraging the revival of physical activity while fostering social networks that promote and sustain resilience ensuring the entire community a place they can come to for equitable opportunities to improve overall physical health, mental health, and well-being.