Family Promise of Greater Beloit - $200,000

Location: 1006 Bluff St., Beloit


The purpose and anticipated outcomes of this project are to increase the safety of the shelter residents and our volunteers and to reduce energy expenses for shelter operations. Although the new Family Promise shelter has been initially renovated, there is additional work to be done.

Most important is the need to add new heat and air conditioning systems to the nine family sleeping rooms. Not only is the current system for these rooms extremely outdated and inefficient, but it does not include air conditioning. Despite the addition of ceiling fans, residents must leave windows open during warm weather making the shelter vulnerable to break-ins, thefts, and the threat of more serious crimes.

The poor condition of the parking lot also presents a safety hazard for families as well as volunteers. The pavement is cracked and uneven, making it hazardous for guest families to fully utilize the space intended for children’s activities and for family recreation. Safety is also an issue for volunteers who provide fellowship and encouragement to residents during evening hours. Gaps and holes in the parking lot pavement make it unsafe for some of older volunteers who leave after dark. The replacement of the dilapidated parking lot fencing will also deter opportunist thefts and vandalism to the vehicles of volunteers as well as staff.