Family Self-Sufficiency (FSS) Program


The FSS Program is for families receiving Housing Choice Voucher Rental Assistance. The family works with a case manager to develop specific educational and/or career GOALS intended to guide the family into financial self reliance. An escrow savings account is set up for the family by the housing authority. As the family’s income increases, the family’s portion of the rent increases as well. The housing authority will match the increased rental amount and deposit it into a savings account each month! This money is available to you when you have achieved all of your GOALS! You have up to five years to achieve them. Other financial self-sufficiency GOALs may be outlined as well.

In order to successfully graduate and receive the balance of your FSS Escrow Account, you will need to be off of all welfare assistance for at least 12-months before the five-year deadline. This means that you must not be receiving any General Relief payments, Interim Assistance, TANF payments, or W-2 payments during the fifth year of the FSS Contract. Housing Choice Voucher Assistance, Food Stamps, Child Care Assistance, and Social Security are NOT considered welfare payments under the FSS Program.

If you are a currently receiving Housing Choice Voucher Rental Assistance through the Beloit Housing Authority, and are interested in our FSS Program, complete the application and return it to Maria Arellano at 210 Portland Avenue, Beloit, WI 53511 or by fax: 608-364-8745 or email Maria Arellano. If you are accepted into the program there will be an initial meeting to discuss the program and outline your GOALS. You will sign the Contract of Participation and complete an Individual Training and Service Plan (ITSP) that outlines the series of steps that will guide your family towards self-sufficiency. The contract states the responsibilities of both the participant and the case manager as well as your rights while on the program. During the five-year contract, you will be responsible for taking the steps outlined in your ITSP.

While on the FSS Program you will be required to provide your case manager with regular updates on the progress you have made toward your GOALS. This means simply calling your case manager to report any steps you have completed. You must also provide certain documentation to your case manager when requested such as certifications, class schedules, resumes, etc. while carrying out your actions steps.

Every year at your annual recertification appointment your case manager will assist you in completing a GOALS Upkeep form intended to reassess the GOALS that you originally listed when you began the program. You will answer questions regarding motivation, obstacles, and whether or not you would like to make any adjustments to your GOALS. You may also add GOALS to your ITSP. The GOALS Upkeep form may need to be completed at other times during the five-year contract period for certain revisions to your ITSP and/or action steps. Your case worker will determine if and when this form is appropriate outside of the annual upkeep.

Your case manager will assist you in identifying GOALS and action steps that will move you towards financial self-sufficiency. The case manager establishes the escrow savings account and adjusts the deposit amount according to your earned income. They are responsible for identifying GOAL-related resources in the community and establishing clear direction to participants toward next steps in reaching GOALS. They will track your achievements and assist you in updating or revising any steps that are needed to encourage your success. Your case manager is also available to answer any questions you may have regarding your escrow account or program rules!

In an effort to keep all of our FSS Participants informed of resources, programs, events, helpful hints, and success stories, we have quarterly newsletters:

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