Housing Choice Voucher Landlord FAQ

HAP Payments

Housing Choice Voucher HAP payments are issued on the first Federal business day of the month by direct deposit to the landlord. Check the table below to see when payments will be deposited. Direct deposit statements are mailed around the 26th of the month prior to the deposit date. If you choose not to utilize direct deposit (landlords are strongly encouraged to participate) these are the approximate dates your check will be mailed from our office.

HAP Direct Deposit & Check Release Dates

October 1, 2014 (Wednesday)November 3, 2014 (Monday)December 1, 2014 (Monday)
January 2, 2015 (Friday)February 2, 2015 (Monday)March 2, 2015 (Monday)
April 1, 2015 (Wednesday)May 1, 2015 (Friday)June 1, 2015 (Monday)
July 1, 2015 (Wednesday)August 3, 2015 (Monday)September 1, 2015 (Tuesday)

Landlord Requirements & Procedures
The following are the requirements and procedures for landlords who wish to participate in the Housing Choice Voucher Program.


  • Annual Rental Permit issued by the City of Beloit (if property is within the City of Beloit)
  • Provide us with your Social Security Number or Taxpayer ID Number on a Federal W-9 Form. (Name and Tax ID or SS# must belong to the owner or person claiming income from unit on taxes)
  • Complete Direct Deposit Authorization Form.
  • Complete Request for Tenancy Approval (obtained from tenant)
  • If applicable, please provide a letter authorizing your manager to sign documents pertaining to lease/contract.
  • Submit a signed lease between you and the tenant.
  • Submit a Lead-Based Paint Disclosure form.

Please note -- the Beloit Housing Authority only determines the income eligibility of the family!

Owners and agents must conduct their own prospective tenant screenings. [24 CFR 982.307]

Units must pass Housing Quality Standard Inspection. Click here for a link to the brochure (A Good Place to Live) that describes the minimum housing requirements. The Beloit Housing Authority does not provide pre-inspection walk throughs to let you know what needs to be fixed! Please review the brochure to find the minimum requirements for the unit to pass.


  1. The voucher holder interested in renting your unit will submit a Request for Tenancy Approval to you. Owner/Agent and Voucher holder must completely fill out, sign, and return these original forms to the office prior to scheduling initial inspections.

    Please note -- The unit must be clean, and ready for occupancy. The unit must be vacant unless occupied by the Voucher Holder. Water, electricity, and gas must be turned on prior to scheduling an initial inspection. The unit will not pass inspection if the stove or microwave and refrigerator are not in the unit and/or not operating. [24 CFR 982.401]

  2. After the Request for Tenancy Approval has been completed and submitted to the Beloit Housing Authority, the BHA Housing Inspector will contact the owner to schedule an initial inspection. Please contact the office if you do not hear from us soon after the Request for Tenancy Approval has been submitted.

    If the unit fails the initial inspection, it is the owner's responsibility to schedule the re-inspection after repairs have been made. HAP payments will not be made until the unit passes inspection!

Security Deposits
Owners are able to charge the same security deposit as they would normally collect from tenants on the open market. The Beloit Housing Authority does not pay for security deposits.

Effective October 1, 1995, for all voucher holders under new contract, the Beloit Housing Authority will not be responsible for any claims after the tenant moves. Owners will have to collect all monies owed for unpaid rent, damages to the unit, or other amounts owed under the lease directly from the tenant. [24 CFR 982.313]

Renting to Family Members
[24 CFR 982.306 7(d)]

The Beloit Housing Authority must not approve a unit if the owner is the parent, child, grandparent, grandchild, sister, or brother of any member of the family, unless the BHA determines that approving the unit would provide reasonable accommodations for a family member who has disabilities.

Termination of HAP Payments
[24 CFR 982.311]

Housing Assistance Payment (HAP) terminates if:

  • The lease terminates.
  • The HAP contract terminates.
  • The BHA terminates assistance for the family.

If the family moves out of the unit, the BHA can not make any housing assistance payments to the owner for any month after the month when the family moves out. The owner may keep the housing assistance payment for the month that the family moves out of the unit.

Tenant Continuation of Assistance

Move with Continued Tenant-based Assistance [24 CFR 982.314]

A family may move with continued assistance if:

  • The lease for the old unit has terminated.
  • The BHA has terminated the HAP contract for owners' breach.
  • The lease has terminated by mutual agreement of owner and tenant.
  • Housing Choice Voucher subsidy is terminated if the owner has given the tenant a notice to vacate, or has commenced an action to evict the tenant for non-compliance, or has obtained a court judgement or other process allowing the owner to evict the tenant. (The tenant is entitled to a hearing. The BHA will determine if tenant loses their rental assistance or is able to move with continued assistance.)
  • The tenant has given notice of lease termination (if the tenant has a right to terminate the lease on notice to the owner, for owner breach or otherwise).
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