Municipal Code of Ordinances

The Beloit Municipal Code is provided on this website as a convenience to citizens and the legal community. The ordinances reproduced on this website are derived from the updated computer files used to produce the official Beloit Municipal Code. Changes to the code are enacted on a continuous basis by the Beloit City Council and will be posted to this website approximately once a quarter. Copies of those ordinances enacted between postings can be obtained by contacting the City Clerk-Treasurer's office. Electronic versions of the code cannot be certified under section 889.08 of the Wisconsin Statutes and are unofficial. Certified copies of ordinances for use as prima facie evidence under Chapter 889 of the Wisconsin Statutes can be obtained from the City Clerk-Treasurer's office.


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The Beloit Municipal Code requires that many traffic and parking related items be maintained in an Index, commonly referred to as the Index of Special Locations.  In the Index of Special Locations you will find information on the following:

  • Downtown Parking Time Limits
  • Parking Prohibited
  • Parking Time Limits
  • Loading Zones
  • Yield Signs
  • Stop Signs
  • Through Streets
  • Four-Way Arterial
  • Signal Intersections
  • One-Way Streets
  • Special Speed Limits
  • Crossings and Crosswalks
  • Approved Terrace Parking (paved)
  • No Left Turns
  • Right Turn Only
  • Left Lane Must Turn Left
  • Miscellaneous Limitations on Parking

The Index of Special Locations is maintained by Engineering Division - Public Works Department, with administrative support from the City Attorney's Office.