Beloit Housing Authority (BHA)

Services & History:

It is the goal of the Beloit Housing Authority to assist in providing adequate and affordable housing, economic opportunity and a suitable living environment free from discrimination for low-income, elderly & disabled residents of the Greater Beloit Community.
The Beloit Housing Authority is a governmental agency governed by a five-member board, which is appointed by the City Manager. The BHA requires no municipal tax dollars to operate and receives funding from the Department of Housing and Urban Development (HUD) and from the rents it collects each month from housing owned by the Authority.
Since BHA's primary source of funding is government revenue, HUD is responsible for the ongoing monitoring of the operations of the agency. Management and financial reporting & reviews are conducted periodically by HUD, as well as an Independent Audit each year in accordance with the Federal Single Audit Act.

The Beloit Housing Authority does not provide emergency housing.

To download a brochure with Emergency Housing and Housing Assistance Information or obtain any other Beloit Housing Authority applications or forms, click the Housing Authority Forms & Documents link below.

Public Information:

The Beloit Housing Authority is taking applications for 1 and 2 bedroom elderly/handicapped/disabled and 2, 3, 4 and 5 bedroom family units in Low Income Public Housing. 
Applications must be submitted to the Beloit Housing Authority with all necessary documents and verifications for consideration.

Housing Authority Forms & Documents 

Formas y Documentos de la Autoridad de Vivienda

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