Revaluation Information

The Assessor’s Office is conducting a revaluation of all properties for assessment year 2024. Revaluations ensure assessed values are based on current market conditions which lead to more equitable assessments for property owners. This will be for tax bills that will be mailed in December 2024 and payable in 2025. A revaluation was last performed in 2022. At this time, the estimated level of assessment in the city would have fallen to 80% of full market value. State Statue 70.05 requires a municipality to assess property at +/- 10% of full market value at least once in a 5-year period. It is the goal to complete more frequent revaluations in order to avoid large increases in assessments that occur when revaluations are conducted less frequently. The goal of the revaluation is to assure that taxes are distributed equitably and uniformly, as well as to comply with State Statutes.

The 2024 revaluation will be using sales of property that occurred in 2022 and 2023 to arrive at an estimated fair market value of each property as of January 1, 2024. 

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