Stateline Area Transportation Study (SLATS) Metropolitan Planning Organization

The Stateline Area Transportation Study (SLATS) established in 1974, is the federally designated Metropolitan Planning Organization (MPO) for the Beloit urbanized area (as defined by the U.S. Census Bureau).  SLATS spans the state line and includes portions of Wisconsin and Illinois.  The purpose of an MPO is to conduct a federally mandated, 3-C (continuing, cooperative and comprehensive) intergovernmental transportation planning process for all urbanized areas over 50,000 in population. The SLATS MPO Metropolitan Planning Area (MPA) comprises more than 100 square miles and has a total population of nearly 69,000.


The SLATS MPO is directed and governed by a Policy Board that includes representation from:

  • City of Beloit
  • Town of Beloit
  • Town of Turtle
  • Rock County, Wisconsin
  • City of South Beloit
  • Village of Rockton
  • Rockton Township
  • Winnebago County, Illinois
  • Wisconsin Department of Transportation (WisDOT)
  • Illinois Department of Transportation (IDOT)


The SLATS MPO is required to develop and update a Long Range Transportation Plan (LRTP) every five years, a Unified Work Program every year, and a four-year Transportation Improvement Program (TIP), which SLATS updates every year. All federally-funded transportation projects in the MPA must be included in the TIP.  The TIP must also include all regionally significant transportation improvements funded by the States and local governments.  The TIP must be approved by the MPO Policy Board and approved by both the State of Wisconsin and State of Illinois Departments of Transportation prior to receiving the Federal Highway Administration’s (FHWA) and Federal Transit Administration’s (FTA) acceptance.

The MPO’s planning process must consider the safe and efficient movement of people, services and freight by all modes of travel including streets and highways, public transportation, commuter railways, bicycle and pedestrian as well as intermodal connections for freight and passengers between ground transportation, waterways and airports as applicable, and railroads.  An overarching goal of the transportation system is to encourage harmonious community interaction while protecting the aesthetic and ecological features of the physical environment. 
A Technical Advisory Committee that includes public works officials, engineers, planners and administrators from the member municipalities and counties, as well as local public transit representatives (Beloit Transit System and Stateline Mass Transit District (SMTD)) advise the Policy Board on transportation issues of a regional nature.   Additional non-voting members include FHWA, FTA, WisDOT, IDOT, adjacent MPOs (Janesville and Rockford) and non-member municipalities with lands included in the SLATS MPA.
The City of Beloit is the lead agency for SLATS and the City of Beloit Community Development Department provides the staff support for the administration of the MPO.  SLATS is funded by annual grants or awards from the Federal Highway Administration, the Federal Transit Administration, the States of Illinois and Wisconsin, and also from most of the local governments represented on the Policy Board. 
The SLATS Policy Board and Technical Advisory Committee include the following chief elected officials/members (or duly appointed representatives).  


Policy Board:

  • City of Beloit Councilor Nancy V. Forbeck (Chair)
  • Town of Beloit, Diane Greenlee (Vice-Chair)
  • City of South Beloit, Sonya Hoppes
  • Village of Rockton, Tricia Diduch
  • Rockton Township, Trent Kehoe
  • Town of Turtle Chair, Roger Anclam
  • Rock County, Alan Sweeney
  • Winnebago County Board Chair, Joseph Chiarelli
  • SW Region Planning Chief Wisconsin Dept. of Transportation (WisDOT), Stephen Flottmeyer
  • Region 2 Engineer Illinois Dept. of Transportation (IDOT), Masood Ahmad   


Technical Advisory Committee:

  • City of Beloit Public Works Department, William Frisbee
  • City of Beloit Engineering Division, Scot Prindiville
  • City of Beloit Community Development Department, Julie Christensen
  • City of South Beloit, Brandon Boggs
  • Village of Rockton, Tricia Diduch
  • Town of Beloit, Frank McKearn
  • Town of Turtle, Dave Bomkamp
  • Beloit Transit System (BTS), Teri Downing
  • Stateline Mass Transit District (SMTD), Sharon Hecox
  • Rock County Highway Department, Duane Jorgenson
  • Rock County Planning Department, Andrew Baker
  • Winnebago County Highway Department, Carlos Molina
  • Winnebago County Planning Department
  • SW Region WisDOT, Tom Koprowski
  • District 2 IDOT, Rob Bates


Non-voting Members:

  • Central Planning Office for WisDOT, Jim Kuehn
  • District 2 Bureau of Urban Program Planning IDOT, Doug Delille
  • Federal Highway Administration (WI), Karl Buck
  • Federal Highway Administration (IL), John Donovan
  • FTA Region 5 Chicago, Evan Gross (WI)
  • FTA Region 5 Chicago, Anthony Greep (IL)
  • Janesville MPO, David Salmon
  • Rockford MPO (R1PC), Sydney Turner
  • Village of Roscoe, Scott Sanders
  • Roscoe Township
  • Town of Rock